Our Vision

To be the premier provider of wholesale telecommunication services in the markets we serve.

Our Mission

Serve rural communities with uncompromising dedication from the ground up by having an efficient and effective team. Produce results with our team by having a creative and challenging work environment that embodies honesty and integrity without sacrificing the individual. Build on relationships with our customers and constantly strive to provide our customers with carrier class services.

Our Values

Hold integrity first and foremost. Constantly push to excel. Ensure a healthy mix of work and home life. Recognize each of team membersí qualities and unique talents. Consider all approaches and solution for customers and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Member Companies


Headquarters: 211 Commerce Street, Suite 610 Nashville, Tennessee. 37201,

Phone: 615-425-2300

Fax: 615-986-2092

President: Terry Metze

Company Profile: iRis Networks is a wholesale telecommunications carrier that fulfills the previously unmet need for secure, reliable broadband access for voice, video and data services throughout all of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky with seamless access to regional and national markets. The company provides broadband services over a 100 percent fiber optic network to competitive local exchange carriers, wireless providers, long distance companies and Internet service providers, with the long-haul capacity to accommodate national carriers.

Ownership: Ten independent, financially stable telephone companies with a combined market presence of over 500 years comprise iRis Networks. Eight member companies are located in Tennessee, one in Virginia and one in Kentucky.


In 1998, with an ambitious goal to deliver broadband services over a 100 percent fiber optic network throughout the Greater Tennessee area, a consortium of twelve independent telephone companies with combined experience of over 500 years decided to invest millions of dollars in fiber optic cable routes. They formed the Tennessee Independent Telecommunications Group, LLC (TITG) with the particular aim of serving rural markets previously underserved by other long-haul providers. They reserved the name TITG with the state of Tennessee in November '98 and by December had applied for an employee ID number.

The founding TITG members were:

  • Highland Telephone Cooperative
  • Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative
  • Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative
  • North Central Telephone Cooperative
  • DeKalb Telephone Cooperative
  • Scott County Telephone Cooperative
  • West Kentucky Telephone Cooperative
  • Loretto Telephone Company
  • United Communications
  • Ardmore Telephone Company
  • Millington Telephone Company
  • Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Cooperative

In June of 1999 Millington withdrew from TITG, but the other members remained committed. The Board of Governors and Executive Committee were created that June as well. The first President and Secretary of the Board of Governors were elected to one-year terms beginning in September 1999 and appointed Mark Patterson as interim General Manager.

TITG entered into the high-speed video services in July 2000 and in October moved into a temporary Nashville office. They modified their name to add "d/b/a iRis Networks" and hired their first Chief Manager, Ellen Bryson. Annual Meetings began in November that same year.

The next step was to create a powerful network; one which provides true security, with route diversity and self-healing redundant SONET architecture to allow easier switching of fiber optics links and to enable iRis to provide broadband transport for voice, video and data. The first circuit was turned up in May 2001; later in the 2nd quarter the OC48 backbone network was turned up.

iRis Networks hired their first Director of Operations and Director of Sales & Marketing in 2001 as well, setting in place the personnel required for growth.

By May 2002, TITG, LLC d/b/a iRis Networks required more space and moved into permanent offices in downtown Nashville.

iRis began to make a profit in 2004, added six new customers and completed the tandem switch. With this improvement, iRis switched more than 40 million minutes per month in traffic. The company added eight employees to staff to accommodate their growth. They were named a 2004 Music City Fortune 50 Company by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and a Fast 50 Company by Business Tennessee.

iRis connected their final founding member, West Kentucky Telephone Cooperative to the network in 2007, increasing their reach to more than 2000 miles. This enabled them to offer customers and owner companies dedicated point-to-point digital transport, optical services, internet service, long distance, wireless and video. In 2007, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked iRis #153 of the "HOT 500" growing companies. Today iRis employs a staff of 20 who service customers throughout Tennessee and west Kentucky.

In December 2009, Ardmore Telephone Company was sold to Synergy Technology Partners, Inc. The ownership in iRis Networks was purchased equally by the remaining members except for United Communications, who declined to participate.

Historical Milestones:

  • November 25, 1998 TITIG was formed
  • December 2000 First full-time employee
  • 2001 First Revenue: $66,922
  • First Customer: Ben Lomand for circuit to XO for Internet feed
  • June 12, 2003 Tandem Switch in Service
  • 2004 First positive Net Income: $34,512
The iRis sales team excels at providing unique, custom solutions to network needs.
The iRis Engineering group synthesizes cost effective, innovative solutions and solves problems for today's complex business needs.
iRis' Operations team provides an array of services including outside plant, route maintenance, new route builds and much more.