Turning communication not-spots into business service hot-spots with a premier fiber network.

We’re enhancing our region with the most robust, reliable business communications systems and solutions.

Expanding our digital footprint across the region, whether rural, mountainous, or both, has its challenges in providing the fiber-based, future-proof network and infrastructure required by today’s communications-savvy business customers. iRis has the solutions.

Using 10,000 miles of best-in-class, fiber-optic broadband infrastructure, we deliver ultra-high-speed transport solutions for your voice, video, and data to rural areas of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky.
Future-proof technology ensures regional businesses have the flexible and reliable communication solutions they need to compete.

And because we are uniquely positioned to provide a gateway for broadband transport, iRis Networks serves as a wholesale carrier, providing seamless access to regional and national markets.

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